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Pluto in Aquarius: A time of transformation, personal growth, and revolution

Hello beautiful souls! 

Pluto is returning to Aquarius after a whopping 226 years. While Pluto may not always take center stage in planetary discussions, its astrological significance remains steadfast. On Saturday, January 20th, this noteworthy event is set to unfold as Pluto transitions into Aquarius, marking the concluding phase of its retrograde journey between the zodiac signs governed by Saturn. Although Pluto briefly ventured into Aquarius from March 23rd to June 11th last year, it is now poised for a more substantial stay, gracing Aquarius from January 20th to September 1st, 2024 and will remain in Aquarius until March 8, 2043.

Unlike your sun sign or Venus, Pluto's influence is grand, widespread, and long-term. Named after the Greek ruler of the underworld, Pluto delves into the depths beneath the surface, unveiling clandestine plots, hidden agendas, and systemic oppression. It's the force behind intense pressure that eventually erupts, revealing truth and power—peeling back layers to expose what truly matters. Can I get an Amen?! 🙏

Having spent the last 15 years in Capricorn, steering global institutions, organizations, and empires towards success, Pluto's move into Aquarius heralds a new era. This transition will wield influence over transformation, personal growth, power dynamics, sexuality, revolution, and technology. Pluto in Aquarius prompts introspection and exploration - allowing your subconscious to reach it's ultra flow state through spiritual practices, meditation, mindfulness, and other rituals. Just make sure to recharge, loves. It's time for a revolution, both on a personal and global scale. 

So what major themes does this cosmic journey unveil for your zodiac? Let's dive in! 🤿

Aries: The Fearless Trailblazer

This is the time to fully jump in and embark on your trailblazer era, Aries! The next two decades are all about courage, confidence, and conquering fears. Honor the call to independence and self-discovery, and don't shy away from the solo journey—it's okay to be the first to try something and it's where you'll find your truest self.

Taurus: The Intuitive Connector

Step into your full potential, Taurus! The next 20 years bring intuitive living and a fearless embrace of standing out as your true beautiful self. Break free from stagnant patterns, breathe new life into your career, and don't be afraid to say 'no' - you already know what feels oh-so-right and what feels forced. An abundance of goodness awaits those who embrace their unabashed selves.

Gemini: The Empowered Muse

Say hello to your tough love era, dear Gemini! From feeling drawn to mother everyone around you to standing tall in your own powerful statement shoes, the next two decades are here help you break free from any negative attachments and empower you to focus on you. Embrace vulnerability, focus on self-respect, and make time to mother and nurture your own beautiful soul. It's time to set things right, turn inward, and be your own badass lightning bolt of love and light.

Cancer: The Lightning Bolt

Time to channel some lightning bolt level electricity, Cancer! The next two decades usher in personal growth, spiritual ascension, and divine interventions. Opportunities and support appear when you least expect them, so keep your mind and options open. This chapter is one of the best in your life—fully supported and electrifying

Leo: The Balance Qween

This is the time to master the art of tempered fires, dear Leo! Optimize your creative flow (and dare we say) limited energy, and only say 'yes' to the 'hell yes's' to protect and relish your valued downtime. Unravel the feeling of being in the flow - on your own or with others - while enjoying both the glowing limelight and the calming serenity it brings.

Virgo: The Vibe King

It's all about the vibe, dear Virgo! The next 20 years bring a shift in relationship dynamics. Expect to feel lighter as you shed (not ghost!) the old and unfulfilling relationships in your life, and reassess your tribe. Focus on healthy communication, action over words, and keeping the vibe positive but healthy. It's a reminder that you have the choice to surround yourself with whomever and whatever you want at any time. 

Libra: The Advocator

Take a leap of faith, Libra! Time to move beyond the mediator role to express what you really want. Practice communicating your emotions without resorting to old coping mechanisms - you're allowed to express how you feel and what you desire. You will be pushed you out of your comfort zone, but trust that the universe has your back. Trust the journey, use your intuition, and everything will fall into place.

Scorpio: The Athlete

Abundance through awareness, Scorpio! You're about to surprise yourself with your acute self-awareness and willingness to step beyond the familiar. Like a graceful athlete, you'll find you meditative flow. Don't look back, show them how it's done with effortless abundance. This is your time to shine, love.

Sagittarius: The Joyful Journer 

You fun-loving nature shines, dear Sagittarius. Why stress when you can laugh your way through hurdles? Your fun-loving side nature takes center stage, allowing you to appreciate the journey hills, valleys, and everything in between - just remember to follow what feels fulfilling. Trust your innate abilities to lead you forward and find purpose in the joyous journey.

Capricorn: The Beloved

Your answered prayers unfold, dear Capricorn! Things haven't been so easy, but expect that to change soon as a sense of flow unlocks in the years ahead. All your hard work and effort is finally rewarded - life feels lighter and lighter. During this blessed time, find your voice, set new goals, and embrace new boundaries. Feel your emotions, practice journaling, and embrace with your community. This time is special and you've earned all it.

Aquarius: The Architect of Destiny

Destiny in your hands, Aquarius, and as expected, this transit is likely to affect you the most. As you usher in a new age of light and healing, you'll also be building community. Your instinct to create safe spaces receives a boost, and the universe will lend a helping hand as your purpose blossoms. Live your life to the fullest potential, with purpose and care as you design your future.

Pisces: The Visionary

Your utopian dreams are soon to be a reality, Pisces, but not without action. You thrive in revolutionary, idealistic, and collaborative energies during this time. Find your voice, set foundations for blessings, and trust your instincts. What feels right is right—nurture new and old dreams alike and they will be fulfilled.


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