The October Opal Collection

The October baby's birthstone, celestial and pearly white in appearance, opals display a range of colorful flashes from iridescent blue and green to fiery red and orange. Nicknamed the 'eye stone' because of the hypnotizing effect on the eye, opals are also said to inspire love, hope, and happiness. These little beauties are formed in volcanoes, geothermal hot springs, and even in the skeletons of diatoms and sponges that live there. That, or magic ;)

It wasn't hard to find inspiration in what is basically a handful of little rainbows. In the pieces included in this collection, I focused on balancing the dreamy, mystical nature of opals with complimentary metals and gems. No two pieces are the same, and some are very different. The Enchanted Fox Ring gives all of the witchy woman vibes while the Tri-Realm Matrix Ring with 14k gold and herkimer diamond is much more classic and delicate (however, both are equally sparkly). The Matrix Halo Stud earrings in gold vermeil are absolutely dreamy no matter your hair length situation. If you catch people staring intently at your ears when you speak, blame the earrings. 

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