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Seal It With a Spark – One Year as Philadelphia's First Permanent Jewelry Spot

We’re approaching our one year anniversary of Lazer Links, and my, oh my have we had a hell of a good time doing it! If you don’t know, Angela Monaco Jewelry was the first jewelry brand to offer permanent jewelry in Philadelphia and we still are the leading brand for permanent jewelry in the tri-state area.

As we look back over the last year, all of us here at Team AMJ want to thank you since we absolutely couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. We've enjoyed meeting all who have lent us your wrist (or ankle) to bling out. We’ve loved hearing the stories of why you chose to visit our little piece of Philadelphia to have us commemorate the special milestones and relationships in your lives and “seal it with a spark”. 

Over the last year, we’ve gotten many questions about our Lazer Links booking process, our metals, our chain offerings and how to care for your new Lazer Links. Here are some further details on all of your most asked questions about Angela Monaco Jewelry’s Lazer Links.



The booking calendar for Lazer Links opens up on the first of each month at 11:11am EST (make a wish!) We do this so everyone can get a fair chance each month to get an appointment as they tend to go fairly quick! 

Since many of you are new, friendly faces to the Angela Monaco Jewelry brand, we want to ensure that we can offer all who are wanting to get zapped an opportunity to meet us at the Lazer Links table. In the past, we have tried booking out months in advance and ultimately realized that it didn’t give everyone a fair shot at booking an appointment. 

You can book your appointment (that is good for up to two people to get linked) here through our Lazer Links Booking Calendar.

If the calendar shows “no times” it unfortunately means we are fully booked up for the current month. Do not fret, however, because we often have cancellations and reschedules. We recommend that you keep checking back on the calendar link for new availability as it pops up. 

You will be required to pay a $30 deposit to snag your spot so we do recommend having your billing information ready to go if you are trying to secure an appointment during the initial release. This deposit secures your spot and is applied toward your final bracelet purchase.  



Each Lazer Links appointment is designed to accommodate up to two individuals to seal it with a spark. We encourage our clients to bring a pal, a parent, a lover, or a dog (just kidding- that is just a request from us because we love to see your doggos and dogs can’t wear bracelets). Each Lazer Link session takes approximately 15 minutes to complete with an allotted 15 minutes of runover time (just in case) so you will have at least 30 minutes to get your bling on.

This gives us time to accommodate one bracelet or anklet on each attendee. If you’re riding solo, you can get up to two bracelets so feel free to treat yourself if you’d prefer!

Lazer Links appointments take place in the intimate setting of the AMJ flagship store where our laser welders Trevor, Liv, and Elena will be at the ready to zap ya. Our founder, Angela Monaco, may even step in to zap some bracelets if she’s around 😉



And now it is time to move onto everyone’s favorite topic: THE CHAINS!

Currently, we have three types of metal offerings for our permanent jewelry: Gold Filled, .925 Sterling Silver, and 14k Solid Gold (yellow, white and rose gold options)

While all of our stock is high quality, we recommend clients choose solid gold and sterling silver. These options tend to wear the best and longest due to the nature of the metal.

Of course, gold filled will always remain available as a cost effective option! 



We offer two different varieties of charms that are available to add to your AMJ Lazer Links permanent jewelry. We offer charms that dangle from the chain and charms that lay inline with the chain.

Our two most popular charms are the white diamond connector charm and the gemstone baguette connector charm. We offer the gemstore baguette inline connector charms in amethyst, emerald, white sapphire, ruby, pink tourmaline, alexandrite, and more! We can also source a specific gemstone for your appointment upon request. 

Last but not least, we are thrilled to offer our signature nugget charms if you want to rock the ultimate Angela Monaco Jewelry look. 



We believe in serendipity! If it’s convenient for you or you’re in the area, we’d love it if you were to pop by the shop to see what’s going on. We’d love to zap a Lazer Link on you if we have the time! Please note, walk-ins are not guaranteed and, just like regular appointments, walk-ins will only accommodate two individuals.



Caring for your Lazer Links permanent jewelry is the same as caring for all of your other sparkly jewels, gems and sentimental things… Keep them clean and be gentle! 

If you find yourself in the ocean or a chlorinated pool, make sure to clean the jewelry after your sesh with a rinse of clean water. If you really want to get in there with some TLC, combine the clean water rinses with a soft bristle toothbrush and a teensy bit of soap. Be sure to be gentle with scrubbing with the toothbrush if you have a gemstone charm as they can tend to be on the softer side and may scratch if you go too hard.

Of course, Lazer Links permanent jewelry is designed to be more than fine to be in the shower, so no worries there! If you find that your silver or gold filled jewelry is tarnishing or looking a bit dingy, gently take a polishing cloth to it for a quick shine.


Things happen, we get it! Whether your jewelry breaks off or has to be taken off you can simply come back to us and we will zap it back on. If you happen to lose your jewelry however, you will have to pay for another piece so be sure to keep it safe and sound. If you still have your Lazer Link be sure to bring it to your relink appointment so we can zap it back on! To set up an appointment for a relink, please email us at and we will happily get you all squared away. 

Well that’s all for now. We LOVE that you LOVE Lazer Links! Thank you so much for a great first year and we hope to see you again and again since after all, you can never have too many bracelets! 

If you aren’t already, be sure to follow us on instagram for updates on all things Lazer Links and news of new and shiny things as we are always adding to our Angela Monaco Jewelry Lazer Link offerings. 

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