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For the Heart Chakra: Self Love + Rose Quartz

It’s that time of year again. When love is in the air and a certain holiday comes around to remind us to shower each other in affection and gifts.

For some, this means flowers and chocolates. For others it means, cards and fancy meals. For us here are at Angela Monaco Jewelry, we prefer lovely, heartfelt sentiments and of course, jewelry!

But we also deeply believe in turning some of those sentiments inward and finding ways to show ourselves love and affection. Because after all, the longest love affair any of us will ever have is with ourselves. So as we welcome and revel in “the season of love”, let’s take a moment to focus on the healing powers of the pink hued, beauty that is Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz is a gentle stone for healing the heart chakra. While most people think of it as the "love" crystal in a romantic way, it actually facilitates a connection to finding compassion for one's self, which in turn could attract, a perfectly matched romantic partner. Whatever kind of love you are looking to nurture this season, be it within yourself or your relationships, it all starts within.

Below, we’ve gathered some of our favorite self care rituals to help magnify the healing qualities of Rose Quartz and love ourselves a little bit deeper.

Drawing a bath is a great way to carve out some peaceful time to connect with yourself.
Start by setting the intention of self-care, and love for yourself from the very beginning. Draw the bath to your desired temperature and place some Epsom salts and rose petals in the water. Add some rose essential oil (or any type of oils you prefer) and add a Rose quartz Crystal to the bath. If you have several, no harm in going all out by placing them around your bath as well!

Play your favorite ambient tunes, close your eyes, sink deeper in the tub, breathe deep and relax into the feeling of taking care of yourself.

For bonus ambiance and the ultimate indulgence into self-care, relaxation vibes, consider turning out the lights, lightning a candle, having a bit of bubbly or favorite drink of choice in a fancy glass, adding a face mask and having plush, fluffy towels or a robe ready to go for when your bath is complete.

Did you know that jewelry, just like most things in this beautiful universe we find ourselves in, holds a vibration and energy?

When you put on your jewelry in the morning, set an intention for it to bring you the supportive and loving energy you need and want while wearing it. When we wear our Rose Quartz pieces we like to think of them as a little reminder that love is already with us and can call upon that reminder any time we need a little extra love to get through our day.

If you don’t have any rose quartz jewelry, here are some of our favorite pieces-

Bonus tip if you aren’t in a jewelry wearing mood but still want to carry the intention throughout your day, you can put a smaller sized piece of Rose Quartz in your pocket or bag. Just be sure to set the intentions before doing so.

We don’t know about you but we find the most loving times spent with friends are healing in and of themselves. Consider putting together a potluck, game night, dance party or all of the above with your fave Valentines and set the table in hues of pink and red. Include Rose Quartz crystals on your tablescape and around the space to amplify love and abundance. And encourage your guests to wear hues of pink and red as well.

As a bonus touch, consider setting intentions together with each of your guests and send them home with a piece of Rose Quartz as a reminder of your special time together.

As Miley Cyrus says - “I can buy myself flowers”… YES! Yes, you can!

Obviously we are going to suggest roses here but if roses are not your thing, you do you and get yourself whatever speaks to you and you find beautiful. Then, add some rose quartz to the bottom of a clear vase or glass to really round out the beauty factor and send some loving vibrations into your space.

In the end, regardless of what you choose to do in this season be it- reading a book, watching a favorite movie, dancing like no one is watching or taking a nap. Just be sure to carve out some time and do at least one special thing, just for you, that makes you feel loved and special all on your own.

PS- We highly recommend some dancing around the house to FLOWERS by Miley🌹

- Team AMJ

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