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2024 Astrology Moodboards: Embracing the Power of the New Year

Wondering what the cosmos has in store for you in the upcoming year? With a flurry of big planetary moves, the fortunate shift of Jupiter, those intriguing Mercury retrograde dates, and the transformative touch of life-correcting eclipses, it's truly a rollercoaster of a year, but we're here to help simplify the year ahead. Consider this your sneak peek into the beautiful journey awaiting you in 2024!

We're big fans of mood boards at Angela Monaco Jewelry and these inspirational collages go beyond mere aesthetics – they serve as powerful tools to help us reflect on our deepest desires and dreams, inspiring us to navigate the exciting twists and turns of the year with purpose and passion. Here's to a year filled with intention, magic, and abundant possibilities!

Aries 2024 Mood Board
March 21-April 19
In the past 16 years, your approach to work has transformed significantly, and now, with Pluto's move into your zone of teams, friends, dreams, and ambitions, another transformative journey unfolds. This two-decades-long phase encourages you to embrace collaboration and shared experiences, shifting away from the pursuit of personal glory. Teamwork becomes pivotal, and you may find yourself drawn towards humanitarian efforts and technological collaborations. While results won't be instant, expect fortuitous encounters and joyous connections. Jupiter's influence in your communication zone for the next 12 months enhances your humor and social skills, making networking a breeze.

Color: Blue Heather, provides a calming backdrop for effective communication and collaboration.
Gemstone: Blue Lace Agate, a calming stone fostering communication and stress relief, guiding you through this transformative journey.
Activities: Volunteering with Community Organizations, Joining a Book Club, Live Music
Jewels: Crystal Point Nugget Studs

Taurus 2024 Mood Board
April 20-May 20
The astrological landscape shifts as Pluto moves out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, reshaping your career over the next 19 years. A transition towards 'power to the people' emerges, encouraging you to seek roles that contribute to social change. Jupiter's influence in your financial zone from May 2024 to June 2025 opens doors to financial savvy opportunities. Embrace this period of change, allowing independence and innovation to guide your professional path.

Color: Apricot, symbolizing transformation and innovation in your career journey.
Gemstone: Carnelian, grounding and fostering creativity, supporting your unique path in the evolving professional landscape.
Activities: Financial Conferences, Exercise, Cooking, Painting
Jewels: Classic Nugget Paperclip Bracelet

Gemini 2024 Mood Board
May 21-June 20
Pluto's move into your expansive zone signals a shift in your worldview and a deep dive into exploration, knowledge, travel, media, and adventure. Eclipses in April and October bring fresh starts in friendships, love, and ambitions. Embrace the unknown and challenge yourself to get to the heart of matters. A powerful New Moon eclipse in Aries in April sparks new beginnings in friendships and ambitions, aligning beautifully with the Pisces Full Moon eclipse in September, triggering a career correction.

Color: Moss, promoting balance and grounding as you navigate transformative explorations.
Gemstone: Brazilian Agate, fostering emotional, physical, and intellectual balance during this period of profound change.
Activities: Learning a New Language, Traveling, Hiking, Taking Social Media Breaks
Jewels: Wolf Pack Ring


Cancer 2024 Mood Board
June 21-July 22
After 16 years of Pluto's influence in your partnership zone, your approach to relationships has transformed. Now, as Pluto moves into a powerful and private zone, your rules of commitment and intimacy undergo a radical shift. This year challenges you to break free from societal norms in your career, urging you to embrace vulnerability and unique paths. Navigate through career fears with the guidance of the wounded healer comet Chiron, and step into a career transformation guided by your Aries influence.

Color: Wild Berry, symbolizing courage and vitality during this transformative journey.
Gemstone: Moonstone, enhancing intuition and emotional balance as you forge new paths in your career.
Activities: Updating Your CV, Playing Team Sports, Journaling
Jewels: Charm Collector Huggies 

Leo 2024 Mood Board
July 23-August 22
"Follow your dreams" echoes through the cosmos in 2024 as Jupiter kicks off the year in your career zone. Enjoying your work becomes the key to success, with friendships and ambitions taking center stage under Gemini's influence. Jupiter's presence in Gemini from May 2024 to June 2025 opens avenues for you to truly shine. Opportunities in media, overseas ventures, teaching, or studying become prominent, urging you to make dreams come true. Embrace the year with a passion for your ambitions.

Color: Sage Gray, promoting balance and serenity in your ambitious pursuits.
Gemstone: Labradorite, creating a shield for auras and promoting strength of will in your journey to achieve your dreams.
Activities: Reading, Teaching, Connecting with New People
Jewels: Phoenix Tear Ring

Virgo 2024 Mood Board
August 23-September 22
Health is super important to you, but so is helping others. This year, Aquarius injects individuality and uniqueness into both your health and service pursuits which means you're likely to bring your own unique edge and talents into these realms. Jupiter's influence encourages training, studying, and expanding your knowledge until May. As Jupiter enters your career zone from May 2024, expect significant boosts in your work life. Whether it's a career change or a newfound love for your current role, opportunities for rewards and satisfaction are abundant.

Color: Field, symbolizing authenticity and grounding in your individual approach to health.
Gemstone: Obsidian, promoting clarity and releasing emotional blockages as you navigate your unique path in health and work.
Activities: Take a Class, Meditate, Practice Self-Care
Jewels: Flat Curb Chain

Libra 2024 Mood Board
September 23-October 22
Pluto's departure from your home zone signals a shift in your living environment and family dynamics. As Pluto moves into your zone of creativity and romance, expect transformative changes in how you express yourself and find pleasure. Embrace your inner geek and express your authenticity. The journey towards inner knowledge begins, encouraging you to explore your passions and creative pursuits.

Color: Sparrow, encouraging individuality and self-expression in your creative endeavors.
Gemstone: Rose Quartz, fostering unconditional love and harmony as you embark on a transformative journey of self-expression.
Activities: Practice Mindfulness, Use a Sketchbook, Start a Blog
Jewels: Moon Connection Ring

Scorpio 2024 Mood Board
October 23-November 21
As one of your co-rulers, Pluto has been reshaping communication, local travel, education, and your neighborhood since 2008. Now, Pluto dives deep into your home zone, transforming your lifestyle, family, and heritage. This detox and deep clean redefine your concept of home, emphasizing that you are not defined by your past. Embrace the changes and welcome the knowledge that your future home life will be radically different by 2043.

Color: Lava Orange, symbolizing change and motivation as your home life undergoes a profound detox.
Red Agate, offering protection and instilling self-confidence during this transformative journey.
Activities: Renovate or Redecorate your Home, Create a Daily Ritual, Take Daily Walks
Jewels: Caldera Ring

Sagittarius 2024 Mood Board
November 22-December 21
Pluto's influence since 2008 has prompted a re-evaluation of your life's priorities. Now, as Pluto shifts into your communication zone, expect profound changes in how you connect, learn, and share information. Partnerships become more fun and expansive as Jupiter struts into your relationship zone for a 12-month stay in May. Enjoy sharing ideas, philosophies, and life on a grand scale while maintaining your freedom-loving spirit. If single, expect an expanded choice of partners between May 2024 and June 2025.

Color: Lavender, symbolizing balance and spiritual growth in your expanding partnerships.
Gemstone: Amethyst, enhancing spiritual awareness and fostering harmonious connections.
Activities: Create a Reading List for the Year, Join a Meet-Up Group, Take up Gardening
Jewels: Herkimer in the Rough Lariat Necklace

Capricorn 2024 Mood Board
December 22-January 19
Pluto's departure from your sign signals the end of an intense phase of transformation. Life gets less intense as Pluto moves into your zone of values and money, promoting a detox where sharing, caring, and equality become paramount. Your approach to money undergoes a transformation, with unique and unconventional ways of earning money becoming appealing. Expect a lighter, happier love life as you attract positivity into your orbit.

Tupelo Honey, symbolizing warmth and positivity during this transformative financial detox.
Citrine, promoting self-esteem, creativity, and a shift towards constructive criticism.
Activities: Create Daily, Practice Kindness, Take a Financial Literacy Course
Jewels: Citrine Phoenix Tear Ring

Aquarius 2024 Mood Board
January 20-February 18
The cosmic spotlight shines on you as Pluto enters your sign. This major planetary move signals a profound shift in your thinking and actions. Embrace the power of people and the exciting changes ahead. Jupiter's presence in your home zone brings joy and opportunities until June 2025. Whether attracting admirers, pursuing artistic expertise, starting a family, or working with children, make the most of this empowering influence that won't return until 2036.

Color: Cloud, symbolizing clarity and tranquility as you navigate transformative changes.
Gemstone: Aquamarine, reflecting soothing and powerful energies, inspiring trust and balance.
Activities: Painting, Take Long Walks, Host Regular Dinner Parties, Volunteer with Organizations that help Children and/or Animals
Jewels: Eternity Necklace

Pisces 2024 Mood Board
February 19-March 20
As the mystical and creative sign, Pluto's move into Aquarius detoxes your mental and emotional space. Pluto moves into Aquarius on January 20th, which means you're more likely to see straight to the heart of matters without feeling overly, well,  emo. With Uranus in your communication zone, expect a more outspoken approach. Embrace your role as the voice of truth, dear Pisces, calling out the realities everyone knows but may be hesitant to address. This long, thorough process leads to profound personal growth, setting the stage for Pluto's entry into your sign in 2043.

Color: Pebble, symbolizing balance and neutrality as you navigate the detox of your mental and emotional space.
Gemstone: Clear Quartz, promoting emotional balance and providing protection as you undergo transformative growth.
Activities: Take a Pottery Class, Bullet Journal, Make Music, Rest
Jewels: Grand Exit Ring

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