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Astro Update: Mars in Taurus Affirmations for Every Sign

As Mars moves through Taurus from June 8 to July 20, you might notice yourself being more cautious about decision-making. It’s a time to slow down, pause, and really think about what you truly want. 

Whether you find yourself diving into a passionate romance or just getting your hands dirty in the garden, this period encourages you to get primal and fully immerse yourself in what you love.

You may also feel a strong sense of determination, focus, and maybe even a bit of stubbornness during this period. Use this energy wisely... to steadfastly pursue your biggest goals and desires.

Affirmations Mars in Taurus

Affirmations for Mars in Taurus through the Signs:



I embrace patience, knowing it will lead me to my strongest self.


I trust in my steady determination to build a life of abundance.


I ground my curiosity, finding joy in practical and meaningful pursuits.


I create a nurturing space where my emotional well-being can flourish.


I channel my passion into actions that shine with lasting brilliance.


I honor each step of my journey, finding perfection in the process.


I bring balance to my relationships, nurturing them with steady love.


I embrace transformation with patience, knowing it leads to profound growth.


I explore with purpose, grounding my adventures in thoughtful actions.


I build my dreams with unwavering determination and patience.


I trust my unique vision, taking practical steps to bring it to life.


I nurture my dreams, allowing my intuition to guide me steadily forward.

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