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Red Hot Summer: Celebrating the Fiery Energies of Onyx + Ruby

Happy July, loves! As the sun reaches its zenith during the hottest days of the year, it's the perfect time to dive into July's fiery and enigmatic birthstones, Onyx and Ruby.

For those born this month or anyone seeking to tap into their energies, Onyx and Ruby are two suuuper juicy gemstones that hold immense significance. As we celebrate the fullness of nature, the vibrant energy of the sun, and the abundant harvest of crops, these gems serve as a reminder of the beauty and richness of the natural world surrounding us. 

The Mystical Protector Onyx, with its velvety black hue, exudes an air of mystery and depth. Chemically, it belongs to the quartz family and is composed of silicon dioxide. But what truly sets Onyx apart is its captivating aura and profound symbolism.

If you're looking to enhance focus, discipline, and mental clarity, Onyx is your girl. Its energy is particularly beneficial for students or anyone seeking to sharpen their cognitive abilities. The stone's dark beauty encourages self-reflection and inner strength, helping us overcome challenges with confidence.

Spiritually, Onyx is regarded as a powerful protective talisman. Its energy shields against negative influences, making it an excellent companion during times of emotional or spiritual turbulence. By wearing Onyx, we can create a shield of positive energy and promote resilience, fostering a sense of personal power.

The Fiery Gem of Passion, Ruby, often associated with the color of love and passion, is a classic yet bold gemstone that holds immense energy. Chemically, it belongs to the corundum family and is primarily composed of aluminum oxide, with traces of chromium giving it its vibrant red color.

Beyond its scientific composition, Ruby enhances motivation, self-confidence, and passion for life. For summer babies or anyone seeking to embrace their inner fire, Ruby can serve as a catalyst for inspiration and ambition. By wearing Ruby, we invite a burst of energy into our lives, encouraging us to pursue our goals with fiery determination and enthusiasm.

Spiritually, Ruby has been revered throughout history as a stone of courage and protection. It is believed to strengthen the heart, fostering compassion and encouraging us to love fearlessly. Ruby's fiery energy ignites the soul, reminding us to embrace our own uniqueness and live authentically. Its vibrant red hue serves as a constant reminder to follow our passions and nurture our creative endeavors.


Looking to design your own Onyx or Ruby jewelry? Talk to us! We love nothing more than collaborating on
a one-of-a-kind project, crafted uniquely for you or your loved one.

Love Always,

Angela Monaco Jewelry

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