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June Birthstones: Ethereal Pearls and Moonstones

Happy June, dear friends! As we eagerly approach the arrival of the Summer Solstice, with its blissful sun-soaked days, gentle breezes, and the captivating allure of long summer nights, our thoughts naturally drift to the essence of the season embodied in two of the most elegant gemstones: Pearls and Moonstones. These summer gems perfectly encapsulate the enchantment of this time, with themes symbolizing creativity, clarity, and the manifestation of our deepest desires. So, let's gather together and chat about all things Pearl and Moonstone.

As part of the feldspar mineral group, Moonstone is composed of sodium potassium aluminum silicate, exhibiting a captivating pearly opalescent appearance. Translucent in nature, it can be found in various colors, including white, grey, orange, green, blue, pink, brown, and displaying mesmerizing rainbow hues. Moonstone holds deep symbolism, representing feminine energy and the promise of new beginnings.

Resembling a radiant anchor in the sky, the Moonstone enchants us with its luminous feminine energy, reminiscent of the moon's magical allure, its rhythmic tides, and the cyclical nature of change. For centuries, the moon has been a symbol of the divine feminine spirit, hanging above us like a celestial orb, shifting from a slender crescent to a plump fullness of harvest. Capturing the essence of this celestial magic and more, Moonstone, an albite mineral, is adorned with light beams and a milky sheen known as adularescence, a captivating optical effect where the stone exhibits a floating, ethereal glow or shimmering light that moves across its surface as the stone is rotated or viewed from different angles.

Moonstones, represent new beginnings, intuition, and emotional healing. They amplify intuition, foster emotional equilibrium, and connect you deeply to the cycles of the moon. With illuminating moonstones, you are empowered to embark on a journey of personal growth, inner strength, and resilience through all of life's transformations.

Pearls, unlike other gemstones, are not merely found but born into this world. Their remarkable origins lie in the deep, blue depths of the ocean, where the ebb and flow of the tides, guided by the moon, infuse these delicate gems with the powerful and graceful energy of the divine feminine. Connected to nature, wisdom, and new beginnings, pearls symbolically beckon us to embark on a profound exploration of our inner oceans and uncover the shimmering treasures that lie beneath the surface.

Much like their creation, pearls arrive in our hands in their natural form, untouched and unaltered. They originate when mollusks sense an irritant and respond by layering pearly substances as a means of self-protection. Over time, these layers accumulate and form a concentric buildup of energy and defense. Pearls are gathered rather than cut or shaped, a testament to their origin from living creatures. They carry the essence of sentience and profound meaning within them. Pearls serve as a constant reminder that we possess inherent powers of protection and the knowledge necessary to maintain balance and safety. Similar to the intuitive wisdom of mollusks, our own inner wisdom can lead to the marvelous creation of extraordinary things.


While Pearls and Moonstones are traditionally associated with June, don't feel limited by tradition. You have the freedom to choose a birthstone that resonates with your unique energy and aesthetic. Follow your intuition and select a piece of jewelry that is a reflection of your individuality, personal journey, and the energy that deeply resonates with your soul.

Love Always,

Angela Monaco Jewelry


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