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Amethyst: Inner Peace Comes In Purple

Ahhhh Amethyst, the birthstone for the month of February: But whether or not your birthday is actually in February, here’s why you might want to choose this beautiful stone to be the next addition to your jewelry collection.

Amethysts are a type of quartz, a crystal formed in the earth’s crust under pressure: oxygen and silicon - sand and air - brought together to create crystals that catch the light uniquely, in colors ranging from pale lilac to deep purple.

High-quality amethyst crystals, with their intense and vibrant purple colors, are some of the most valuable quartz stones. 

angela monaco amethyst

Amethyst is a stone with a rich history. It’s found all over the world and has been worn for thousands of years. There was a time where this birthstone was only worn by those associated with royalty. Egyptian Pharaohs, kings, and queens of ancient kingdoms and even High Priests were among those to own this jewelry during the medieval ages due to its royal purple color.

The Ancient Greeks believed that amethyst could be used as protection from getting drunk. In fact, the name ‘amethyst’ comes from the Greek ‘amethystos’ which means ‘not drunk,’ and the Greeks said that the stone promoted a sober, clear mind. With its history, the amethyst has also been come to be associated with sobriety and relief from addictions. 

philadelphia amethyst jewelry

 Amethyst's soft energy is comforting, tranquil and serene, making it an easy stone to be inspired by.  The Amethyst Capsule was created with our customers in mind. For a classic and simple look, we created the Trillion Cut Amethyst Necklace and matching stud earrings.  But, for a more bold statement, we have the Pheonix Tear ring and the Primordial Mound ring


angela monaco amethyst

 Amethyst is a stone for those who could use a little extra calm in their lives, which is EVERYONE, right?

We’d love to help you choose the perfect piece – contact us to see how we can help.

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