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Engagement: Rachel and Tink

We love celebrating love. We had the best time working with Rachel Rubin of Rise Gatherings to create her perfect dream ring. Rachel's story is special both because she's a fellow female entrepreneur and, most importantly, we can practically feel the love coming off the page as we read her interview again. As a business, it's all too easy to get caught up in the numbers, but helping to create moments and memories like this one reminds us what it's really all about. 

Tell us a little about yourself. We love to hear about people’s businesses, favorite hobbies, zodiac sign, animals etc!

I'm Rachel Rubin! I'm a Pisces but Taurus moon, both playing a role in who I am and what I do. Besides raising my six-year-old daughter, I spend my other time and energy on developing my retreat organization, Rise Gatherings and teaching movement, specifically my method Kettlebell Kundalini, through both classes in person and online. I'm also in the process of becoming a somatic therapist and am thoroughly enjoying learning about this field and infusing it into my life. I love exercising my intimacy skill, both in creating relationships for my work and also deepening them in my personal life. I enjoy spending time turning off and sinking in with my partner and our family and our dog. She is a Taurus and has grounded out my Pisces beautifully. I am into exploring life, what lights me up and creatively expressing in my continued journey that is ever unfolding.

Why did you choose Angela Monaco to design your engagement ring?

I fell in love with Ritual years ago when it was in Northern Liberties. I felt connected to the space and it's purpose and more recently built a relationship with the fabulous Angela. I knew I wanted to make my woman a ring and knew I could trust Angela to walk me through the process and to allow me to have creative input. Sure enough, it was a pleasure, and the end gift is exactly what I envisioned and more.

Is there anything about the process or fun details you want to share?

I loved that Angela showed me different types of stones and ways they could be set and designed. This got my juices flowing! She then sat with me while I drew out what I envisioned and worked with me to create a final piece that I was excited about and proud to give my partner.


When did the proposal happen and how?

The proposal was just this Sunday! A total surprise to her, Tink! I set up for us to have an intimate photo shoot in the morning, which she knew was happening, but then during, I spoke the words to her that I've been waiting to say; that commit to sharing our lives together and having the love that we do, forever.



Yup, we're tearing up too. To start building your custom ring, click here.

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