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 Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since my last blog post. I took some time away to take care of myself, focusing on creating jewelry and getting my retail shop cleaned up after the holidays. I can honestly say that I just experienced my first month ever not technically being a workaholic.  Although that sounds like something that would be easy to do, a lot of feelings started to flood in once I slowed down and now I’m learning how to feel them and what that even means.  For many years I suppressed my feelings in various ways. This past year I have worked so hard to keep a clear head while working on myself.  Now that I’ve taken a break, I can feel the pendulum swinging full force in the other direction to get back to work again. Except this time, I’m going to challenge myself to stay balanced while I prepare to show you some truly exciting things I’ve been working on.

My plan for 2018 is to feature a different stone each month to give people a closer look into what fuels my design process. My pieces begin and end with the gemstone. Not only am I a jeweler, I am a person seeking a spiritually whole life, someone who consciously acknowledges the energy in the world around me.  Gemstones are the reason I started making jewelry in the first place and surely what has been the biggest catalyst in my spiritual growth. Since I was a child, crystals have been my most consistent anchor, and the older I get, the more my love for them continues to grow. I’m so happy I’ve found a way to get to work with them every day, creating talismans to share with all of you to provide you with a piece of the earth to wear in everyday life.

For the month of February I have chosen to highlight ROSE QUARTZ. Rose quartz is the ultimate signifier of love and self care and with the recent lunar eclipse (not to mention freezing temperatures and seasonal depression), we need this more right now than ever.  This last full moon eclipse was in leo, which tends to energize us to change more quickly than sometimes we are ready for. Think back exactly half a year ago to the solar eclipse that occurred when the sun was in leo: the lunar eclipse, now in leo, is where everything comes full circle. It’s the ending of situations that you have outgrown, and while this sounds and and may feel a bit terrifying, we’re actually paving the way for something new (and something better!) to come.  Relationships are starting and ending, jobs are flying in and out of the window. Your sense of security may feel totally shaken up, so the time for acceptance and self care becomes a necessity to stay feeling afloat.

Being a highly sensitive person, I’ve been feeling this all in such a big way. Although I’ve been taking care of myself, I still struggle with sorting out all my feelings. Those of you that know me know that I live my life surrounded by crystals - in my house, in my store and even in my car. But what has come to help me now more than ever is physically wearing them on my body each and every day, depending what, exactly, I am needing in that moment. Over the holidays, I adopted the ritual of making my self care come first and carrying and wearing rose quartz has helped me tremendously with this.

Whether Valentine’s day is your thing or not, you can still use the month of February to bask in the glow of the self love and self care we all need and deserve. I hope you enjoy my Rose quartz capsule that I created to provide you with talismans to help you do so.

Spiritually, creatively, and thoughtfully yours,


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