Deposit for custom orders


This is the first step of starting a new project with Angela Monaco Jewelry

-The $500 deposit holds your place in the que of projects and starts the process of drawing and sourcing gemstones.

-The next part of the process will be when Angela contact you to purchase any needed gemstones.

-After that you will get a 3D rendering of what your special piece will look like.

-You then get  2-3 round of edits towards making the design perfect

-Once the design is finalized then a estimate is given and we continue on making your new design.

-We 3d print the model, make a mold if necessary, cast in preferred metal, clean, set stones, and finish all here in Philadelphia.

-The final payment will be due once the project is complete and a separate invoice will be sent.

-Thank you for trusting us with your jewelry dream.  I cannot wait to see how this develops! 

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