Angela Monaco is a Philadelphia-based jewelry designer, metalsmith, and entrepreneur. The talismans she creates are bold and bewitching, rare and wearable; in her hands, rugged geodes become lustrous emblems of beauty and strength. Angela crafts each piece to become an heirloom, a precious possession to pass down through generations - as immortal and timeless as the materials from which it is made.

 Filling their home with crystals, ritual practices, and Native American jewelry, Angela’s mother instilled in her an enchantment with adornment from the start. She carried her interest in these magical totems into adulthood by pursuing the craft of jewelry making. Yet she remains mostly self taught, she owes a lot of credit to the mentors and resources on Philadelphia’s Historic Jewelers’ Row. In 2009 she launched her first jewelry brand, Concrete Polish Jewels, to continue exploring her relationship with metalsmithing. Just a few years later, she opened a studio and showroom dedicated to her work in Philadelphia. This quickly exposed her to a vibrant creative community which lead her to expand her brick and mortar shop to include other local designers and re-brand as Ritual Ritual.  Angela turned back her intention to dedicating her time to jewelry making; and in 2017, she re-branded her own jewelry line as Angela Monaco Jewelry, expanding into a new fine jewelry collection called Ceremonious while continuing with her fashion jewelry collection "Concrete Polish."

 Angela’s lifestyle is informed by a deep connection to yoga, tarot, astrology, and the spiritual realm; something that is seen - and felt - through her entire body of work. Angela’s spiritual practices are reflected in her jewelry, where mineral and metal are married to create ornaments with the dual purpose of not only looking beautiful, but empowering the wearer with the unique healing powers of the stone. Since minerals pick up different vibrational frequencies, each piece is of Angela Monaco jewelry is individually handcrafted with environmentally-considered materials produced on Jewelers’ Row, then cleansed and charged with Reiki before being sent to its designated owner.  Angela offers a range of bespoke production services to accommodate your unique vision. Angela Monaco Jewelry supports marriage equality and does not discriminate against any race or belief system. Though Angela’s designs are worn all over the world, her love and dedication to her craft can be felt in every individual piece.


Visit Angela’s brick & mortar boutique Ritual Ritual at 819 N. 2nd st. Philadelphia.  To schedule a consultation about custom jewelry fill out the custom form.